This blog is:   For those who want a voice…a clear and un-spun source of information, a sharing of ideas, the asking of questions,and the taking of names.  It’s for the mobilization of voices in unison against those in washington who have taken our country hostage for political gains,hurting this country and its people’s solvency for generations to come. This blog is:  For standing up against the bigoted bully’s of the radical TEA PARTY and their followers.To stand against the TEA PARTYs’ hatreds of others,and harms they cause to others.And finally..this blog is for making of friends across this great country of ours,and giving a collective “bitch-slap” to those we call the “teabaggers”.  I am starting this,but we all together must finish its work soon..or this country may be lost forever.Thanks to all..now give me some of your thoughts,or ideas…please foward this to as many as you can.”this isn’t a CHAIN letter-It’s a BRAIN letter”


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